Robert Delpire & Sarah Moon

Dedicated to supporting photography and image, as well as preserving Robert Delpire's legacy, the Fonds de dotation Neuf Cinq continues Robert Delpire's commitment through the creation of a Book Prize
and a Grant for Social Photography.

Dolorès Marat
Robert Delpire
Book Prize 2023

The Robert Delpire Book Prize 2023 has unanimously been awarded to Dolorès Marat.
The book will be published by delpire & co at the end of 2024, and will be accompanied by an exhibition in a Parisian institution.

Robert Delpire

Through his biography, a detailed chronology of his life as a publisher, gallery owner, producer, art director, exhibition curator, publicist... and his abecedary,
discover who Robert Delpire was.